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Facts about claretsgirl: David Cassidy, Jane Austen and Bacardi

In my very first blog I dangled the carrot of expectation, teasing you with the prospect of more facts about me, claretsgirl, by way of introduction.

That was a little while ago and the carrot has probably shrivelled up by now, and you’ve all  moved on to thinking about the new football season.

But I’m back with more.

It’s quite tough really thinking of interesting things about me. Confounds me why I started a blog in the first place to be honest if, out of all of my almost-50 years (catch up; you need to read my first blog) the claretsgirl facts I’ve come up with this time include drinking and kissing.

But here we go ….

1. I had my first kiss at a junior disco in the Silverman Hall, Nelson. I kept my eyes open all the time.

2. The lad who gave me my first kiss at a junior disco in the Silverman Hall, Nelson, kept his eyes open all the time.

3. My first kiss at a junior disco in the Silverman Hall, Nelson, consisted of a staring competition.

4. The first album I ever owned was 20 Power Hits. The first single I ever owned was Storm In a Teacup by The Fortunes. My taste in music has gone downhill since then. We used to sing this this one in the playground. And at one point I even fancied this bloke.  But then David Cassidy came into my life … “hanging around with my head up, upside down”. Ooh. Butterflies, even now.

5. The first time I had a hangover I was 14 when someone spiked my coke with Bacardi. The last time I had a hangover was last Sunday after someone spiked my Bacardi with coke.

6.  All through school I had the maddest crush on *** ******. I’m not disgusing his name, that’s what he was called. Caused mayhem for new teachers doing register.

7.  I was a founder member of the Pendle Home Brew Society. In other words, a bunch of beer-loving journos had come up with an excuse to get together and drink lots of beer. I was social secretary, which was great.  There was  a lot of  emphasis on social and hardly any on secretary.

8. I once did a parachute jump even though I’d never flown before. For three years I was able to say I had taken off in a plane but never landed. I got a few pints out of that  teaser.

9. I don’t swim very well. I look like I’m doing the Okey Cokey underwater and that’s when I’m just paddling.

10. I named my daughter Emma after the book of the same name by Jane Austen. If I’d had twins they would have been called Pride and Prejudice.

“Oi, Pride, your tea’s ready! And put Prejudice down!!” I think that would have worked, don’t you?

Next time on claretsgirl facts: There will be more facts about claretsgirl. Keep going, I’ll quiz you all later.